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 Annapolis & Anne Arundel     County Scholarship Trust

Since 2000, the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Scholarship Trust has been a part of technical school and college graduation stories around the country.  Our scholars study diverse subjects such as biology, art, web development, and engineering and work in a variety of industries such as community service, advertising, technology, defense, and education.     Area’s of Focus Include ​

Youth and Families 

Trust Center for Education and Leadership Youth

Community Development

Economic Development



Global Education 

  Mission    Our mission is to partner with communities to provide inspiration, mentoring, and financial support for first generation students to realize their dream of a college education. ​ Vision    The Annapolis Trust's vision is to transform the mindsets of underserved students and the community in envisioning their future. The Annapolis Trust helps students connect with opportunities to learn to their fullest potential, complete a post-high school education and become engaged members of the community and self-sustaining adults.   Life and College Preparation Services   As a student in the Annapolis Trust program, you will have access to the following no cost activities and services:   Enrichment Workshops /Saturday Academy   Our enrichment workshops assist you in acquiring valuable time management and study skills.  You will also have the opportunity for career exploration, major exploration and SAT/ACT preparation and to attend amazing educational conferences. ​ Trust Center for Education & Youth Leadership Program    The Trust Center for Education & Youth Leadership program is an experiential hands-on and practical program for Anne Arundel County students between the ages of 13 to 18 who are enrolled in the Anne Arundel and Prince George County School System  This program is intended to

Support academic retention and success

Provide additional out of school resources for youth in this current moment

Prepare the high school students for an informed transition to post-secondary education and or employment

Prepare the college students intentionally for eventual employment

  Field Trips   Students will benefit from cultural enrichment through our trips to exciting places such as the National Gallery Of Art , National Gallery Of Art , United States Capitol , Madame Tussauds Washington Dc , National Museum of African American History and Culture ​ College Tours   Through Annapolis Trust you will get the opportunity to visit a variety of private and public colleges and universities across the state of Maryland and even some out of state trips as well (such as Historically Black Colleges and Universities) and learn about their academic programs. College tours usually occur during Spring Break and during the Summer Program.   Preparing students for a rapidly changing work force   The world of work is rapidly changing, buffeted by automation, artificial intelligence, globalization, and, most recently, the pandemic. Over the past decade, the average U.S. job has seen 30 percent of its skills change — and the pace of change has only accelerated since Covid-19 began. What do colleges need to do to make sure we will show our graduates that they can successfully make the transition from classroom to career? ​ International Education   International education is essential to prepare US citizens for the future. Not only is our world increasingly interconnected and interdependent, our local communities are growing in multicultural diversity. Our students must develop a broad awareness of other cultures and the differences that distinguish them. But they must simultaneously acquire a deep understanding of all that we share in common as human beings and occupants of a single planet.     As part of our International Studies curriculum, students are introduced to Gordonstoun International Summer School in Scotland were they learn a variety of languages , enrichment activities , arts and team building . We also introduce students to study in Battambang, Cambodia. The program is designed for our students to help children in Battambang develop English, STEM, and creative arts skills. Our students will assist in building children’s confidence and encourage transferable skills like problem solving, conflict resolution, and teamwork. ​ Your key responsibilities: ​ ● Deliver conversational English lessonsRun life skills workshops ​ ● Design workshops centered around your own passions, knowledge and skill set ​ ● Run STEM workshops that encourage experimentation and innovation The program is directly aligned with the United Nations Sustainability Goals (Quality Education, Clean Water & Sanitation, Climate Action, and Life Below Water).  ​ Trust strategy for the future  

The Annapolis Trust can’t rest on our laurels, we must act with a sense of urgency, following a more corporate model with more tactical strategic planning.

We must understand our communities , set priorities, and focus on creating and differentiating opportunities that directly meet our needs.

We have long been conservative in running the Trust,but uncomfortable change is now becoming the norm. We will embrace change, with one foot in the future and other planted in our past. 

We must have an understanding of our cost structures and encourage a well-rounded conversation about the Trust finances across the board .

Board Development. Shape direction through mission, strategy, and key policies. Ensure that leadership, resources, and finances are commensurate with vision. Monitor performance and ensure prompt corrective action when needed.

Develop Strong and mission-driven partners .

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