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The Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Scholarship Trust (“the Annapolis Trust”) was established in 2000 and over the last 14 years, the Annapolis Trust has helped low-income students, most first-generation-to-college, through college or technical school by providing mentoring and financial scholarships. Our students’ college graduation rate is 68%, compared to 11% nationwide for first-generation students.

The Annapolis Trust has also supported twenty-two students in attending an international summer program at Gordonstoun in Northern Scotland. Gordonstoun is a co-educational independent school that, as an existing partner of the Annapolis Trust, customizes a summer academic regime for students and includes a team building and leadership project. This experience allows Anne Arundel teens to create lasting international friendships, travel abroad and open their horizons.

Initially created to support Anne Arundel County Boys & Girls Club members, the Annapolis Trust has expanded it’s mission to all students in Anne Arundel County and also shifted efforts toward direct-service opportunities that would benefit low-income students who need additional supports to become college and career ready. The expanded mission is to work with the community to provide the inspiration, mentoring and scholarships for first-generation-to-college students so they can complete a higher education. This framework is based upon the Annapolis Trust’s cofounder, Reginald Broddie’s observations and experience working with youth for over 25+ years as the leader of the Boys & Girls Clubs and a youth correctional officer.

In the past five years, 8 scholars have graduated from a post-secondary school and an additional 9 are currently enrolled. Our scholars have obtained careers in fields such as youth development, nonprofit management, technology, education, government consulting, business, healthcare, banking and the military and continue to discover ways to give back to their communities.

The Annapolis Trust mission is achieved in a framework (see diagram below) for students that will let them complete high school and envision a clear path to a higher education.  It includes college preparatory workshops and summer camps, career exploration, mentoring, financial support, interning opportunities and a job-recruiting network. The success of this model depends upon the proven ability for the Annapolis Trust to collaborate and expand partnerships with schools, local-non-profits, corporate and governmental partners and educational partners.


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