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Parent Academy

Father and Daughter

The Parent Academy is being established with the aim of providing support to parents who have not completed their basic high school education. The academy is also designed to offer education that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of parents who have adolescent children. In order to achieve this goal, the academy will offer a self-paced or instructor-led GED program. The program will emphasize the importance of education to students whose parents have already completed their basic high school education.

This initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of parents who lack the skills to assist their children with homework due to gaps in their own education. The Parent Academy is expected to provide a unique opportunity for these parents to address this need. By addressing this need, parents will be able to build their confidence and increase their marketability after achieving their GED. Additionally, attending school will become a more viable option for these parents.

Furthermore, the facilitators of the Parent Academy will recognize and address the unique challenges associated with child-rearing in the 21st century. The academy will provide classes to help parents understand their adolescent children's developmental stage and provide practical ways to intervene in challenging behaviors, poor decision-making, peer group affiliations, and other issues that may detract from future success. By offering such classes, the Parent Academy will equip parents with the necessary knowledge and tools to better address the needs of their children.

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