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                       YOU CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE

With federal funds supporting our member-schools being cut, the need for our work is critical and constantly growing.

  • For every student who received a scholarship, another three didn’t

  • For every student that attended our Leadership Institute, there were more who wanted to attend

  • For every $1 that AAACST invested in education, another $10 was needed in order to adequately address the various needs that we see on campus

  • For every student we cannot help to stay in school, results in a $1 million lifetime earnings reduction – leading to an overall negative impact on America’s economy


​A little goes a long way at the Annapolis & Anne Arundel County Scholarship Trust. When you make a gift to the Annapolis Trust, you join hundreds of alumni, mentors, parents, friends, community members who support our youth’s futures each year.  All of those gifts—most under $100—add up in a big way.  

So even if you can part with only a few dollars, you can still do your part for a scholar.  And since you can designate your contribution for scholarships, books, mentoring or other officially recognized areas of the Annapolis Trust, you can support what matters most to you.

Every gift matters. Make yours today.   



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