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Jr. Staff Training Program

Working Together on Project




The Annapolis Trust Junior Staff Training Program (ATJSTP) aims to create life-altering opportunities for underprivileged teens by developing unique programs that set the table for a successful work-life balance career.

The program offers leadership and job readiness services after school and throughout the summer. It teaches youth development strategies, skill-building, academic tutoring, leadership, technology, and on-the-job training to young people aged 14-18. The Jr. Staff teens receive a small stipend while working and learning important skills.

The skill-building practice takes place at the Annapolis Trust Center for Education and Leadership, a full-service youth facility for children aged 6-19. Each Junior Staffer is required to attend weekly meetings with an emphasis on individual progress, and have one-on-one leadership-centered sessions with a staff mentor and a trusted community leader.

To qualify for the ATJSTP, one must be an active member of the Annapolis Trust Teen Leadership Program, be 14 years of age on the date of submitting the application, and be home-schooled or attend a local public or private school.

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